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  • H.E. Ahmed Saeed Bin Meshar: We look forward to a new shift in organisational work to keep pace with the Club’s plans to spread a culture of watersports among all segments of society
  • Hamza Mustafa: We will dedicate all our facilities and marinas to serve Dubai’s maritime strategy and make it a global hub for watersports

Dubai, 22 February 2022: Dubai International Marine Club, the government body responsible for marine sports in Dubai, and P&O Marinas, DP World’s portfolio of world-class luxury marinas and picturesque harbours, have signed a cooperation agreement to enhance the strategic partnership and coordinate efforts to develop watersports activities and events.

H.E. Ahmed Saeed Bin Meshar, Chairman of Dubai International Marine Club
H.E. Ahmed Saeed Bin Meshar, Chairman of Dubai International Marine Club

The agreement was signed at the P&O Marinas headquarters in Mina Rashid by H.E. Ahmed Saeed Bin Meshar, Chairman of Dubai International Marine Club and Hamza Mustafa, Chief Operating Officer of P&O Marinas. The signing ceremony was attended by the Club’s Board Members Rashid Thani Al Ayel and Jamal Zaal Bin Krishan and other guests.

The move by Dubai International Marine Club’s Board of Directors and P&O Marinas is in line with its updated strategic plan 2021-2027, which aims to strengthen partnerships with government and private organisations. This will create an attractive environment for individuals looking to practice watersports, while also promoting the development of major sporting events in the emirate.

This partnership will enhance the effective role of Dubai Marine Sports Club and P&O Marinas in supporting sailing in the emirate and developing it to be an international sport. It also aims to increase Dubai’s representation in Olympic games and establish maritime schools and academies, to develop talents and prepare trainers and technical committees. The two sides will also exchange information and expertise in various fields and implement logistical operations for local and international sporting events.

H.E. Ahmed Saeed Bin Meshar, Chairman of Dubai International Marine Club, said, “Since the Club was established in 1988, we have been working to promote marine sports in Dubai. The emirate’s beaches and various marine facilities have been major attractions for visitors and tourists. We have consistently worked to enhance this and our efforts support the directives of our wise leadership who regard the sea as one of the key advantages of Dubai and a well-established component of its heritage and culture. Our success could not have been possible without the support of leading organisations in Dubai, especially DP World, which through P&O Marinas has enhanced Dubai’s position as a maritime and yacht tourism destination. All thanks to His Excellency Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem, Group Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of DP World, and his distinguished team, who have shaped Dubai’s maritime strategy, and nurtured the interest of the local community in marine sports.”

Dubai International Marine Club and P&O Marinas sign a strategic partnership to promote watersports in Dubai
Dubai International Marine Club and P&O Marinas sign a strategic partnership to promote watersports in Dubai

Bin Meshar added, “Our cooperation agreement with P&O Marinas will contribute to strengthening Dubai’s global position in marine sports, and its leadership in many international indicators. This will be achieved by establishing and launching innovative and pioneering initiatives, benefiting from the shared capabilities of both sides, and motivating all segments of society to explore opportunities to practice their sporting hobbies. We also hope to develop talents and skills and prepare qualified professionals in marine sports.”

Hamza Mustafa, Chief Operating Officer of P&O Marinas, said, “Partnering with Dubai International Marine Club is fundamental to our endeavour to become a leading provider of marine sports. Our efforts to promote boating and luxury yacht culture, sponsoring and hosting a diverse array of sporting events and reintroducing heritage races have been integral to transforming Dubai into a regional hub for these activities. Our achievements and Dubai’s prestigious reputation have helped us achieve more success and host major international sailing races. We believe that P&O Marinas’ efforts in watersport activities complement those of the Club’s management. The collaboration between the two entities and the advanced facilities in Mina Rashid and other marinas managed by us will contribute to making Dubai a global hub for marine sports and luxury yachting.”

The cooperation agreement between Dubai International Marine Club and P&O Marinas will boost collaboration in several aspects concerning marine sports. This includes establishing a specialised academy for modern sailing and preparing professional teams to participate in local, regional and international championships and competitions. The agreement will also support the implementation of innovative initiatives and activities, ensuring organisational and technical success.

About DIMC:

Dubai International Marine Club is considered one of the distinguished marine sports edifices in the Middle East and the oldest and pioneering club in this field since started in 1988, and was the first club in UAE that obtained international membership of the Union Internationale Motonautique (UIM) in 1991, then became the responsible body for marine sports In the Emirate of Dubai by a Decree in 1994 to continue the efforts in developing marine sports of all kinds and reviving the popular heritage of the United Arab Emirates represented in dhow sailing and traditional boats races.

About P&O Marinas:

P&O Marinas is a DP World company established to develop world-class locations for the mooring of yachts and the hospitality of their owners, captains, guests and the local residents.

After the successful experience of Mina Rashid Marina (Dubai, UAE) where the company offers berths for some of the world’s largest yachts, P&O Marinas extended its management and operations to four marinas in Dubai.

Its ongoing focus is to expand and create lifestyle destinations for yachting enthusiasts, residents, and tourists.