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Powered by Gulf’s breakthrough technologies, the new global product portfolio promises improved customer value propositions and better performance

Gulf Oil Middle East recently announced a new global product portfolio designed to deliver a consistent customer value proposition globally. The new product range is based on Gulf’s breakthrough ThermoShield and Wear-Guard technologies, designed for modern cars that require performance and protection in today’s driving conditions.

The new product portfolio was launched to the UAE market at a Dealers Meet event held on 13 August 2022, at JW Marriott Marquis, Dubai; attended by key regional customers. The event featured a display of the McLaren 720S Spider alongside a life-sized Gulf Formula Elite oil can, the first fill engine oil recommended by McLaren.

Gulf’s comprehensive product portfolio covers a complete range of lubricants used in automotive, industrial and marine applications. The new automotive product range has a consistent look and feel across all markets to ensure instant recognition and ease of navigation. The product labels highlight the technology and benefits of each product, offering a clearer and more defined product promise.جلف أويل الشرق الأوسط تعيد هيكلة محفظة منتجاتها العالمية

With superior efficiency, modern car engines are now more compact, powerful and efficient. They work under high temperatures and stressful conditions, which can lead to premature wear, deposit build-up and oil deterioration. Gulf Formula and Gulf Formula Elite are made with ThermoShield technology, which ensures enhanced wear defence, helping to keep the engine running at peak performance for longer. Gulf Formula Elite is the first fill lubricant in all McLaren Automotive supercars and hypercars.

The new product portfolio also includes Gulf Ultrasynth, Gulf MAX Ultra and Gulf Multi. Each car engine oil has been designed to meet the specific engine requirements. Gulf Ultrasynth is fully synthetic engine oil with Wear-Guard Technology that protects against harmful engine wear by coating critical engine parts with oil molecules to reduce friction for a smooth drive experience. Gulf MAX Ultra is a semi-synthetic oil with Engine Clean Technology that contains antioxidants that help delay oxidation for advanced engine durability. Gulf Multi is a mineral oil designed to reduce maintenance costs.

“Our new product portfolio allows us to continue our legacy of offering products that promise top performance and keep the engine healthy”, Rajesh Venkat, General Manager, Gulf Oil Middle East, said in his keynote address at the event.

“The launch of the new range in the region underlines our long-standing commitment to understand and deliver the best quality products. Gulf is one of the fastest growing lubricant brands in the region, and we believe the new portfolio will further strengthen our brand position,” Rajesh Venkat added.

“We will continue to push our business forward and develop a bigger, better, bolder future for Gulf. We are moving into a future with operational excellence from production to shelf and, most importantly, a future with a better customer value proposition.  Gulf’s pioneer spirit will continue to address customer needs and as we continue to provide advanced solutions to the ever-changing needs of the industry,” said Vishal Kohli, General Manager Sales & Marketing.

The new product range is available across the Middle East, including in all Gulf Express Centres and Gulf Branded Workshops.

About Gulf Oil International Limited:

Gulf Oil International Limited (Gulf), wholly owned by the Hinduja Group, is one of the largest privately-owned downstream companies, with a presence in over 100 countries worldwide. Operating since 1901, Gulf’s history is one of innovation, with a pioneering spirit that still guides the brand today. Gulf’s core business is manufacturing and marketing an extensive range of performance lubricants and associated products across a diverse range of market segments. Gulf also licenses national fuel retail networks around the globe and is currently present in 26 countries with more than 1,400 stations. Gulf has a strong international presence in Europe, South America, the Middle East and the Asia Pacific region, owning blending facilities and several licensed plants worldwide. It is the majority shareholder in Gulf Oil Lubricants India Ltd, listed on the BSE. Gulf’s business also includes Gulf Oil Marine, which supplies lubricants to the global shipping industry across 1,100 ports worldwide.

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