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22 August 2022, Dubai, UAE: HUAWEI Ads, a leading global advertising marketplace by Huawei, celebrates the ‘Back to School’ and ‘Summer’ seasons with great rewards of up to 50% during August and September. Marketers across the GCC region have the opportunity to experience next-generation premium features, that reaches over 730 million monthly active Huawei device users.

With the worldwide ‘Back to School’ market estimated at US$171.8 billion in 2021 and predicted to reach new heights of US$181.2 billion in 2022, the time is ideal for businesses to embrace the opportunity and boost their revenues. At the same time, Zenith’s latest Advertising Expenditure Forecasts report predicts that advertising spending will increase by 7% in the MENA region in 2022, and will grow to US$781 billion globally. It is worth noting that 62% of ad budgets will be spent on digital media this year.

The ‘Back to School’ and ‘Summer’ seasons offer by HUAWEI Ads provides advertisers with power to promote their brands and products effectively. Running until 15 September 2022, the offer enables any consumption above US$10,000 budget with discounts of up to 50%, moreover Huawei will sponsor devices value 10% of overall bookings for the campaign.“إعلانات هواوي” HUAWEI Ads تطرح عروضاً مذهلة واستثنائية!

Huawei will also offer additional incentives until the end of October 2022, for premium display of apps on AppGallery, a top three app marketplaces globally. With 100% Share of Voice (SOV), advertisers that purchase Turn Key Operation (TKO) units for daily advertising get additional free days (up to 10 days of free benefits) as well as premium preview of their apps. The extra advantages of AppGallery include immersive landscape or portrait banner for multiple days, as well as application video and GIF icon.

Consumer activity rises during summer and individuals start making plans for their next purchases. HUAWEI Ads enables businesses to reach their target audience by providing exclusive and premium slots that can easily grab users’ attention. HUAWEI Ads has over 42,000 third-party apps, allowing developers to increase in-app revenue and benefit from advertising through a fully connected world.  Supported on 8 different Huawei device types, HUAWEI Ads creates precise user profiles and utilises data analytics to perform meticulous multi-dimensional targeting.

HUAWEI Ads provides less competition and higher brand visibility during peak seasons such as ‘Summer’ and ‘Back to School’. All of these have a positive impact on ROI, user acquisition, and engagement, allowing businesses to see their advertising efforts pay off. Furthermore, HUAWEI Ads is uniquely cost effective. The platform automatically adjusts bids to help businesses get the most out of their advertising budget and provides a variety of bid options in order to meet the demands of virtually all ad campaigns.

About HUAWEI Ads

HUAWEI Ads is one of the largest advertising marketplaces in the world with a reach of more than 730 million globally. With a mission to enhance, the state of mobile advertising HUAWEI Ads gives Huawei ecosystem partners the opportunity to transmit key information and provide quality services on a vast new scale, by serving as a bridge to Huawei device and Huawei Mobile Services users. With a data footprint that combines both branded Huawei demand as well as external advertisers, marketers have exclusive access to significant global user base of Huawei device users, who are currently not being serviced through similar technologies. Powered by Huawei built HMS Core that has a presence in over 170+ countries and regions, 96,000 R&D employees globally, and 580 million users, HUAWEI Ads is committed to bringing digital to every person, home, and organisation to create a fully connected, intelligent world

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