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  1. First, tell us about Verve Management, how the dream became true, and the challenges you faced to be one of the biggest event organizers in Dubai.

After working for a significant amount of time, I wanted to create an organization encompassing the values and principles I hold dearly which is why I decided to channel my energy into founding Verve Management, with a dream to be recognized as one of the top conferences and business intelligence companies in Dubai. The organization is built on the foundation of truly delivering excellence and staying true to what is promised.

I always loved new challenges and what each day has to offer. This is one of the key drives that ensure Verve Management succeeds in all its endeavors. Verve Management works actively in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, but the dream to expand in the other territories beams strongly from within.

The germination phase of Verve Management was one of the toughest and most crucial stages for me personally. Since the organization was in its nascent stages, building customers’ trust was the hardest as all we had was just a vision to excel. Slowly but steadily, we walked our journey with sincerity and diligence and stood the ground of providing only excellence. I am proud of the fact that Verve Management has almost become a synonym of excellence to our clients and all stakeholders.

  1. Tell us how the idea of organizing The Middle East Women Leaders’ Summit & Awards 2022 came to you?

Women’s strength has always been a reckoning force throughout my life since I was blessed & privileged to be around strong women, right from the comfort of my home to the challenges at the workplace.

I had the opportunity to work with leaders who recognized the power within whereas there are women who face discrimination on a daily.

Many times, organizations contemplate before hiring women. It could be trivial, but the thought still crosses their minds.

The ME Women Leaders’ summit was conceptualized to celebrate women in leadership positions across this region and support other women to help them elevate their professional lives as well as their personal lives.

  1. Can you tell us (in detail) about these awards?

The Middle East is metamorphosizing into a global destination and entering its most exciting phase. This would have not been possible without the women of this region who have shouldered equal responsibilities by stepping up and leading the way forward.

We want to be part of this growth story and celebrate the essence of being a women leader in these exciting times. Verve Management is honored to host an awards night for Women Leaders who have demonstrated the spirit of Leadership, Innovation, and Excellence in their chosen field. So, join us on 2nd November to celebrate and encourage women this evening filled with inspiration and excitement. If you or someone you know fits the criteria for the Top 20 Most Powerful Women and is a recognized business leader while being an active participant in the community, nominate now.

  1. What was the main purpose of The Middle East Women Leaders’ Summit & Awards 2022?

Aligning with the vision of UAE that focuses on empowering women and increasing their participation in leadership positions, this summit aims to celebrate women leaders who have climbed the ladder and shattered the conventional norm.

We want to motivate, educate and support women who aspire to take the next step in this beautiful journey.

This platform will empower senior leaders to share their experiences and obstacles and pave a way for the next generation of leaders.

This summit does not just talk about empowerment but rather focuses on defining the next stage of this evolution.

We aim to celebrate women achievers who have excelled in their fields and helped redefine how women are traditionally perceived in conventional roles.

We have designed the summit to encapsulate these nuances and have conversations around really interactive topics.

  1. What is the most difficult and what are the specifics in organizing such a large-scale event in Dubai?

I believe an important, as well as challenging aspect of putting together an event of such a large scale, would be collaborating with a plethora of leaders with varying platform designations and locations. To unify such a large roaster of superstars is usually the most challenging.

The awards aspect of our summit poses another hurdle as it requires a great deal of effort and time to contact every deserving individual for every award category. And as much as we strive to provide the jury with the most relevant informed choices, it is almost impossible to include every deserving individual.

  1. Any final comment?

I would like to encourage all women, whether you think your achievements are big or small, to take that leap and nominate themselves because what you might find small might be something inspiring for everyone else and our jury might like it because it might have made a huge difference although it looks like a small achievement to you.

Do look at the categories and nominate yourself, hear from these inspiring women and be a part of this movement and celebration, where women come together, support each other, learn from each other and inspire and aspire to one another.

And finally, I want to say “We are here and we will lead the way.”

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