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Subscribe and receive new educational books and toys every two weeks at your doorstep

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

ToyShare is the UAE’s first books and toys rental platform for children between the age of 1-12 years old. With an inventory of over 5,000 books and toys, there is something for everyone.

Parents can enroll their children to one of ToyShare’s monthly subscription packages and have new books and toys delivered to their doorsteps every two weeks.

Renting books and toys will help you create a clutter-free environment and save you plenty of space at home. It also saves you time and money on buying toys, which your child will usually find entertaining for a few days only.

Furthermore, many toys eventually end up in landfill, which is unfavorable for the environment. ToyShare is on a mission to save toys from landfills and oceans and contribute to protecting the environment.

All the books and toys from ToyShare are disinfected and sterilized using the latest technology and arrive at your doorstep carefully packed and securely locked. You will receive a unique passcode to unlock your bag.

Download the ToyShare APP today and explore the different monthly packages starting from just AED 58 per month. ToyShare is currently offering 20% off subscription packages for Summer. Use the promo code “SUMMER10” for an additional 10% off! Offer valid for a limited time only.

ToyShare is available on Google Play and the APP Store. Sharing books and toys has never been easier!

About ToyShare
ToyShare is an online off-center educational and recreational toys and books rental platform. Our purpose is sharing economy to save toys from landfills and oceans and contribute towards rescuing the planet. Toyshare will save space of outgrown toys at homes and money on buying toys which are entertaining and useful for short period only. Aim is for kids to learn while playing with our organized toys and books library and participate in the sharing culture of ToyShare.

Once the books and toys are retired from our library they are donated to the less fortunate kids. We collaborated with regions most active toys charity institute “Toys with Wings” to make that possible.

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