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DUBAI:10TH SEPTEMBER 2022, Fashion For All 2022 success press conference ORGANISED BY MOON MUKERJEE, CEO of Demi Lune Events took place in Dusit  Thani Hotel, Dubai.

The speakers of the event were title holder of FFA2022 WINNER OF HIM AND HER Category, Mr. WILSON from India. MS DAYLINDA RAMREZ from Philippines and FACE OF FFA2022 MS.CHANGU from Zambia and the two other TOP 5 FINALISTS,Ms RASHMI and Mr. TAMMAM along with other visible contestants and winners of different other categories, Mr. SHAHEEN,Ms NAUSHEEN,Ms HOMAI, Mr. JHERSON,Ms SRIMONTI,Ms TABITHA,Ms SHITAL and others who shared their experiences on being in the show and learning ways of fashion through a new perspective as a FFA2022 family .FASHION FOR ALL 2022 PRESS CONFERENCE BY DEMI LUNE EVENTS AT DUSIT THANI, DUBAI
All contestants spoke highly of MS ASHA AMANI who had guided the contestants and teaching them to  be models on the runway. The delegates present there other than the founder of FFA2022 and CEO of DEMI LUNE EVENTS Ms. MOON MUKERJEE were MR HANIF SHEIKH, MR ARMAN MALLIK, Ms YASMIN AKHTAR, Mr. Yousif Naeemat, and UNO ambassador of peace and equality

After welcoming the whole press and media presented at the event and hearing the stories shared by the contestants of  FFA2022 founder and CEO of DEMI LUNE EVENTS MOON MUKERJEE specified that they are launching FFA2023 at the beginning of new year ,and promised a bigger and better show this time than we witnessed this time. She thanked all the media who were presented to support the event.

WETEL TV owner Mr. Arman Malik specified their love and support towards the fashion show with a cause and announced themselves to be the TV partner for the FFA2023 event, as they announced that their responsibility is to make everyone’s dream come true.

FASHION FOR ALL 2023, Season 2 like Season 1 is supporting Beauty Beyond Boundaries and are calling out for models from all shape, size, color, religion, ability and no age bar models who had this little dreaming child in them to have been there and done that. And as MOON MUKERJEE always states, if u have the courage to own ourselves, and be a little kind and encourage self-love she would offer you the platform to showcase yourself without differentiation.

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