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مؤتمرات وفعاليات شركاءنا الاعلاميين .. أكثر من خمسة عشر شراكة اعلامية حتى الان لعام ٢٠٢٣ فضلا قم بزيارة فعاليات الشراكة الاعلامية

Sharjah, UAE, 17 September 2022: Sahara Centre, the leading retail, dining, entertainment, and leisure destination, concluded it’s the Ultimate Shopping Adventure campaign that delivered exceptional value to loyal customers and announced the winners of the second draw on 15 August.

Mohammed jalal ( Egyptian), the lucky winner of the grand prize, was awarded the Toyota Landcruiser luxury car, while ten lucky shoppers won vouchers worth AED 10,000 each. All the winners expressed their pleasure with the rewards they received from Sahara Centre this season.

“We are committed to delivering an exceptional customer experience through unique promotional campaigns by offering great rewards as an expression of gratitude to our loyal customers. The Ultimate Shopping Adventure campaign is part of our efforts to reward and provide entertainment opportunities for our customers, who made Sahara Centre their preferred shopping, dining, and entertainment destination. The campaign proved to be a success, receiving positive response from our customers as well as providing exceptional value for them with ideal opportunities to create happy memories at the centre,” said Akram Ammar, Managing Director of Sahara Centre.

Radwan Al Sakka ( Syrian) was declared the first winner of a first Toyota Landcruiser on 11 July. Sahara Centre regularly conducts rewarding campaigns that offer shoppers attractive prices and great chances to win, highlighting its commitment to making every shopping trip an unforgettable experience.

To enter the draw, shoppers had to spend AED 200 at any of Sahara Centre’s outlets, women who spent AED 200 from 10am to 1pm, and diners who spent AED 200 at any of the East Atrium restaurants on the second level received two digital entry

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