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Catch Early Signs of Developmental Delays! 

  • Hayati Health Centre to spread awareness amongst parents, teachers and guardians.
  • Specialist’s session’s and one to one consultation on 24th September 2022.
  • Delayed diagnosis creates higher risk of social, emotional, behavioral, and cognitive problems

Dubai, UAE: How old was your child when he or she first spoke? Parents often talk about the time their children attain milestones, and it can be tough to see other children reaching them before your own child. Developmental delays if ignored or not properly diagnosed create higher risk of social, emotional, behavioral, and cognitive problems in adulthood. Parents, Guardians and Teachers play a key role in understanding the children and identifying the early signs of developmental delays. Through simple measures and awareness developmental delays can be detected which can lead to early intervention and treatment.

Early care and attention can change the course of child’s future, as such Dubai based leading child development centre HAYATI Health Center is organizing free Speech Behaviour and Occupational educational sessions and consultation for Parents, Guardians and Teachers on 24th September 2022 from 10:00 am onwards. The event aims to help parents recognise early signs of Speech and Language delays, Sensory disorders and what are the red flags that could affect child’s future.“Earlier the better”, says Sneha Kothari, Event Head and Speech and Language Pathologist at Hayati Health Center, “Early intervention helps in identifying and treating developmental delays such as speech and language delays, sensory disorders, cognitive skills and socio emotional delays. Understanding how to monitor children’s behaviour and how to cope up when your child is being diagnosed with developmental delay, plays a crucial role. We have organised this open day with a sole purpose of educating, creating awareness and assisting parents and children on this journey. Hence we welcome them to come to our centre, attend workshop and consultations, meet the experts and get all their queries answered.”مركز حياتي الصحي في دبي يقدم جلسات تعليمية واستشارية

Attending the workshop, parents will have the opportunity to listen to our experts and then get free one to one consultation on topics such as:

  • How to identify speech delays in the child? The benefits, importance, and plan for early intervention by Ms. Atoosa Muzafar, Speech Pathologist.
  • Rewards and punishments for young children by Registered Behaviour Technician, Mr. Sulaiman Ahmaz.
  • Early signs and symptoms of Sensory disorders and how to address them? by Ms. Lorena Tabor, Occupational Therapist.
  • Consultations to support parents overcome these stages and effectively help their children.

At Hayati Health Center we take holistic and open approach that includes family dynamics as well. Combining our therapists’ and clinicians’ years of experience with scientifically based, proven practices, we provide a level of interventional therapy and rehabilitation with real results you can track with every step of your child’s journey with us. This workshop and educational sessions will definitely provide encouragement, support, and access to activities that enable the child to improve vital developmental skills.” said Dr. Ahmed Hussein, Managing Director Hayati Health Center

Details of the Event:

What: Open Day Recognising Signs of Developmental Delays in Children. Free Educational session’s and one to one consultations with experts.

When: 24th September 2022, 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Where: Hayati Health Centre, HealthCare City ,  Dubai.

Hayati Health Center in Dubai provides evidence-based early intervention, ABA therapy, learning-support-assistance services, speech & language, and psychology for children and young adults in the UAE with developmental difficulties of all kinds. Centers treatments target functional communication, self-help, independent living skills, pre-academic readiness, and vocational productivity—thus supporting full community acceptance and inclusion. Located in Healthcare City in Dubai and with a sister facility (Ability Rehabilitation Center) in Abu Dhabi, Hayati Health Center is committed to delivering healthcare services in compliance with local and international standards. Center’s vision is to see their patients/children reach their full potential be it living a happier life, or even integrating into society on a typical level. Their mission is to gently find ways to encourage them to push boundaries and ease their learning experience

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