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Embargoed for release until 19th September 2022

, with the launch of its latest trend forecasting report at the Future Hospitality Summit.

19th September, 2022 –

Launching today at The Future Hospitality Summit in Dubai, ‘The Blended Future’ spotlights the trends that are accelerating change across specific industry sectors, including urban design, architecture, tourism, hospitality, dining, healthcare and culture.

It identifies how best practices are being transferred rapidly between industry sectors, powered by technology and a desire to operate more sustainably and purposefully. The momentum of this megatrend has only increased due to rapidly convergent consumer attitudes driven by the pandemic, climate change and the global cost of living crisis.Insignia’s Intelligence Unit predicts the blurring of boundaries of places and experiences

“We are witnessing the blurring of boundaries in how spaces, places and experiences are conceived and operated. As futurist design-thinkers, we foresee a new nomenclature in the genre of assets within hospitality and real estate that will encourage developers and operators to reevaluate how they are going to continue staying relevant for tomorrow’s travellers and consumers” said Gaurav Sinha, the CEO of Insignia Worldwide, a destination design, experience creation and development advisory firm.

‘The Blended Future’ profiles examples of how innovators are finding new ways to design cities, emerging dining concepts, innovative workspaces, personalized healthcare and other trends influencing culture.

From Helsinki, to NASA, to NEOM to Manchester, the case histories have been examined to inspire debate and clarify what direction tomorrow’s projects will take in sectors critical to MENA’s growth.

Insignia’s Intelligence Unit is the research and analysis division of Insignia Worldwide, a firm specialising in destination design, experience creation and development advisory services for nation-building initiatives within the tourism, hospitality, culture, leisure, entertainment and real estate development sectors.

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