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مؤتمرات وفعاليات شركاءنا الاعلاميين .. أكثر من خمسة عشر شراكة اعلامية حتى الان لعام ٢٠٢٣ فضلا قم بزيارة فعاليات الشراكة الاعلامية

A compelling perfume is more than an extract. Perhaps more than a signature. An unforeseen, unforgettable and ultimate aphrodisiac that leaves its sillage.  A scent that lingers. Suits the unabashed charming gentleman and the graceful enchantress. We created ‘Domina’ and ‘Dominos’ to create the true you. The sophisticated elegance of the Domina fragrance wavers between a scintillating mixture of mystery, magnetism and appeal. Sensuality dominates with the blend of the finest bergamot, hypnotic lychee and the highly susceptible influence of peach.  The incisions of the three-sirens – the exceptional jasmine, peony, orange blossom with a modern allure of woody notes, moss and musk creates the intimacy the perfume and its wearer can boast of.
Some fragrances bloom in petal clusters, others with bold individual blossoms. Some grow on shrubs or vines, some grow close to the earth. Similar to the elements that differentiate one human from the other. From being light and delicate, to more complex and intense, the choice of our scent defines us. Come, let the heavenly joy of the Domina Fragrance entwine you in its luscious floral whirlwind.

Dominos – the answer to creating a sense of positive association with people in near proximity for the indomitable masculine spirit. Make every moment a special one with the natural ingredients of earthy aromatic fragrances. Unexpectedly fresh, undeniably modern and unmistakably enthralling, the Dominos Fragrance is inspired by the ultimate refinement of opulent Siberian pine, Juniper and the audacious Calabrian bergamot. Expressed with a heady duality of Canadian fir, clary sage and pimento, it is inexplicably addictive. The savoir-faire of delicate leather, patchouli and labdanum masquerades as an interlude moment of reliance and gallant for the alluringly polished.  Pure and simple yet extreme in character, Dominos Fragrance is meant to leave an intoxicating signature on your skin. Inspirations may change yet it is the true essence of the gentleman that remains.

Unlock your purest and most timeless confidence, as this is the ideal moment. The moment of Domina and Dominos. Own it. Own yourself.

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