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One thing that has become evident, in a post-pandemic world, is that health and safety should remain a major priority for any individual. Moreover, while it is becoming increasingly essential that the well-being of all those associated with an organization is highly valued and protected, maintenance of integral safety standards does become a cause of concern for most. Further to that, the fundamental responsibility of society, as a whole, is to minimize the environmental footprint we tend to create since we are liable for the generations to come as well.

In order to address these challenges insightfully and sustainably, it is with honor that we announce this year’s World HSE Week which will be taking place on the 3rd of October through the 6th, inclusive of a 3-day masterclass pertaining to recognizing the importance of addressing the health, safety and environmental aspects of being within the industrial sector. World HSE Week will be held at The Millennium Airport Hotel, Dubai, UAE, and we’re honored to delve into discussions amongst renowned HSE thought-leaders in the Middle East.

The summit is set to take place on October 6th, allowing pioneers in the HSE sector to partake in charting the route toward establishing efficient HSE practices, and utilizing information from other industries to create long-lasting, sustainable plans that can double their impact as professionals. Some of our renowned speakers, working within the HSE department in a multitude of industries, include:

  • Shaikha Ahmad AlShaikh – Head of Planning & Design of Drainage Systems Section at Dubai Municipality
  • Salman Dawood Salman Abdulla – Executive Vice President, EHSSQ&BT at Emirates Global Aluminium
  • Saleh Ali Saleh Albalushi – Head of HSE at Drydocks World
  • Syed Al Hasan – Head of HSE at Binladin Contracting Group
  • Jim Andrews – Group Head of QHSE at Petrofac Limited

All in all, our priority is to allow all our attendees to gain the opportunity to seek insight from top industry HSE leaders from across the globe, network with peers in a solution-oriented environment, and engage in industrial ecosystem collaboration efforts in order to address the latest health, safety, and environmental challenges.

“No work is so important, that we fail to perform it safely”, Azam Soukar, Director of HSE & BCM at Dubai Holding mentions in regard to making his presence known as an esteemed speaker at this year’s World HSE Week. It encompasses one of the standing purposes of World HSE Week – to contribute to a safe, well-supported work environment that sets the seal on continual employee motivation.

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