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مؤتمرات وفعاليات شركاءنا الاعلاميين .. أكثر من خمسة عشر شراكة اعلامية حتى الان لعام ٢٠٢٣ فضلا قم بزيارة فعاليات الشراكة الاعلامية

The saliva-based tests would analyse the possibility of developing cancer in the future and enable us to screen for disease early

Dubai: When it comes to your health, the saying goes prevention is better than cure. It applies to cancer as well. Preventing cancer means knowing of the risk factors and modifying our lifestyle accordingly.

All are aware that family history is a risk factor for cancer. It means that a person with close family member affected by cancer has the chances of getting it later in the life. It is the play of genetic factors.

We cannot modify genetic factors. So, people with this risk must maintain a lifestyle which would reduce the chance of developing cancer. But now, there are screening options that enables us to learn about our gentic risk factors.

Genomic testing, as it a called, enables us to learn about the genes in our body that could later cause us cancer. It is silver-lining for people with genetic risks for cancer.

Genomic testing enables people to understand their chances of developing cancer and undergo regular screening to avoid missing on diagnosis and delay in availing treatment.

Aster Clinic has now launched genomic testing for cancer at an affordable cost. This screening would be a gamechanger in fighting cancer. By making genomic testing accessible and affordable to the population, Aster aims to help people realize more about their genetic risk factors for cancer and prepare themselves for a fighting against it much in advance.

According to Dr Manisha Jaykar Gandhi, cancer is a multi-factorial process where genetics play a critical role. “A person with a family history of cancer might have some inheritable genetic alterations impairing the natural defence of the body against cancer. Screening for those alterations can be instrumental in preventing, diagnosing, and treating cancer.”

“Among the most common cancers are breast, prostate and colon cancer. The risks for developing these cancers increases with age. At Aster Clinic, we believe that fight against cancer needs concerted efforts. Genetic screening at the heart of it. Doctors and genetic experts at Aster have worked together to come up with simple saliva-based tests that can help screen thousands of the bad (pathogenic) genetic changes that may later develop as cancer. The tests combine different state-of-the-art laboratory technologies and techniques, proprietary bioinformatics and research to help healthy and affected individual understand the genetic backgrounds of cancer and provide practical and actionable recommendations to prevent and diagnose the illness at the earliest,” added Dr Manisha.

To get your genetic cancer screening package at your nearest Aster Clinic, Call 044400500.