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مؤتمرات وفعاليات شركاءنا الاعلاميين .. أكثر من خمسة عشر شراكة اعلامية حتى الان لعام ٢٠٢٣ فضلا قم بزيارة فعاليات الشراكة الاعلامية

From traditional Iftar and Suhoor, to tranquil natural settings, guests will be able to create memorable moments with their loved ones

Al Jadida, Morocco, 14 March 2023: Embrace the spirit of Ramadan with a peaceful retreat at Mazagan Beach & Golf Resort. From traditional Iftar and Suhoor, to tranquil natural settings, guests will be able to create memorable moments with their loved ones.

This year Mazagan has curated a special offer for its guests to enjoy the flavours and delights of Moroccan Iftar under the rhythm of Andalusian music. The resort has designed a special package for a one-night stay for two adults and two children under 12 years starting 2200 MAD. This includes Iftar for 2 adults per night and breakfast for two children. For guests looking to avail Iftar for children, this is available at a special price of 225 MAD per child per night.

That’s not all, during the late hours, guests can order late night meals from the hotel’s special suhoor menu, at 150 MAD per adult and 75 MAD per child per night. A gourmet Suhoor will be available at 250 MAD per adult and 125 MAD per child per night.This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Mazagan-Resort-550x366.png

“Ramadan is an important occasion for us, and this year the timing is just perfect to enjoy the weather and food in the company of loved ones. We have designed a special package that will let guests enjoy the best of Moroccan traditions, as well as allow them to feast on Arabian-inspired dishes. Mazagan has been known for its excellent service and amazing experience, and this Ramadan will again be exceptional,” said Jacques Claudel, General Manager, Mazagan Beach & Golf Resort.

“Mazagan’s mesmerising views, beautiful aesthetics and close proximity to the beach and city, make the resort a destination you do not want to miss. In addition, Mazagan is equipped with the best-in-class amenities and has several activities for kids and families to ensure guests experience a fabulous Ramadan,” added Jacques Claudel.

Given the resort’s strategic location, nestled between the glittering Atlantic Ocean and luscious Moroccan forest, not only can guests stay at the heart of all the fun, adventure and entertainment, but also experience the regional excursions and well-being offerings.

If Morocco is one of the magnets of global tourism today, Mazagan has been keen on comprehending the demonstrated preference of the GCC travellers over the resort. They have been at the forefront in offering elite services that best caters to the tourists’ tastes.

Spread across a 250 acres’ domain along El Jadida’s endless shore, this unique destination has always been a favourite of GCC tourists. Widely acclaimed as one of the best luxury family resorts in Morocco, Mazagan has been superbly able to entertain global tourists, especially the Gulf visitors, with innovative entertainment, world-class cuisine and unspoilt views of the ocean.